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Ensuring Smooth Administration of Your Will Lately, we have been asked by a number of clients how they can ensure that, after they are gone, the adminis

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Many people are put off by the thought of making a will for a number of reasons; it’s a sensitive issue which forces people to make decisions and think about a scenario that they would prefer not to think about, they don’t know where to start and who leave what to, they are intimidated by making appointments with a solicitor or believe it can be expensive or they assume that their spouse/children or other close loved ones will automatically inherit everything from them.

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Children and Parents Wills – Children’s Rights Under The Succession Act 1965 – Possible future changes to law

The Succession Act, 1965 allows a child apply to court to challenge the will of their parent and claim that the parent has not provided for them under their will.

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Making a Will – Non Legal Considerations

Making a will non legal consdierations

The issues that were not clear to me were the non-legal matters, the emotional decisions that every client must make. These required a lot of consideration and discussion. I had to choose the right people to be the guardians - what family members? I had to choose the right trustees - who would be able to make these financial decisions? I had to consider if I wanted funeral arrangements in my will, etc.

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Digital Estate Planning – Protecting Your Digital Legacy by Making a Will

Many people handle their financial and personal affairs online and upon death if these account details are not organised into one location it can lead to difficulty when managing and distributing the deceased's estate. This is where digital estate planning comes into play. In order for the executors of your will to smoothly handle your estate, you will need to provide them with access to your digital estate.

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